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Exceptional Customer Service

SJB Trucks
Steve Buckles has worked in the commercial vehicle industry for more than 25 years.

With years of experience of working for major brands including both Mercedes-Benz and MAN franchises in the East of England, Steve has excellent technical knowledge of the trucks available in the market.

After working for the large corporates, Steve spent a number of years working at an independent dealership, also in the North East, working with used truck buyer every day.

The team at SJB Trucks have decades of experience in sourcing the right used truck for customers. This means that SJB Trucks is usually the first port of call for customers looking for their next used truck.

Export Experience

Whilst, at SJB Trucks, we sell plenty of trucks to UK-based buyers, there are many who choose SJB because of the years of knowledge built up in exporting trucks all over the world.
SJB Trucks
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